Zilvere GrayWolf Grille, gelimiteerde editie

GrayWolf (02/21/06 om 14:10:31):

Na lang absent te zijn geweest van dit forum, kom ik dan toch even terug met wat beter nieuws.. de zilvere grille. Vergeef mij dat ik het hele stuk gewoon van een ander forum kopieer waar ik wat vaker kom;

"Okay, so the deadline I had in mind of january the first to ring in the new year with this baby didn't turn out to be. Set backs galore for me and my good friend during the making process...

First the design was made, no problems in that. Then the design was cut out of a copper plate, and using a 20 ton press we'd press the design into silver. It wasn't to be, not even the slightest hint of a imprint was left and with there being no financially support for a 50 ton press the plans were changed.

Every grille will be cut by hand now, and twenty in total will be made. In the middle of the grille is a small peridot stone. The grilles are hand engraved on the front, clear on the back, and on the back of one of the legs one will find;

"GW #/20" (# being the number of your spoon of course)

So you know which number your grille will be. Because every single spoon will be handmade/engraved/polished and whatnot the labour intensity went up drastically. Therefor, the price per grille is now around $310. All grilles will come with a certificate, and possibly a nice box if I'll have my wicked ways.

In short, sorry to have kept you all waiting so long, but here's a view on the prototype! The first 5 grilles will be for sale soon!"